I’m Backkkkk!


Hi-De-Fucking-Ho Horror Fam! I’m back and more than ready to give you guys some good reviews, news, stories, and more! Honestly, whatever gets me writing, I’m going to post on here.

Yes, it’s been quite a while since I’ve been on here, but like some of you, I have good days and bad days. It just so happens that the bad days turned into a few months of my life. It was fucking crazy and life-changing, so I took some very much needed “me time”.

Anyway, this year has been such a significant year for horrorin so many ways. Aside from us being blessed with Jordan Peele’s productions and the several remakes that went into play this year, it’s been a pretty SOLIDhorror year. With that said, there is a lot to talk about on here.

Some of you may not even be aware of the movies that have come out this year. I’ll be writing posts on my favorite remakes and any other movies that stood out to me, and if there are any other topics you would like for me to cover, please leave a comment below.

My goal is to post at least once a week; some may be longer or shorter than others, based off my feelings about it. I’m going to post on Fridays or Mondays, so keep an eye out for my next post tomorrow!





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